Why Do You Love to Wear Panties?

Image of woman in black corset, panties and glovesHave you ever wondered why you love to wear panties or lingerie?  I have.  I mean, what is it about them that fascinates us?  Is it their look?  Their feel?  What?

I’ve seen many, many posts in forums where someone tries to make the argument that wearing panties is no big deal, and that they are, after all, just a piece of fabric.  They almost always claim that they wear panties simply because the are more comfortable then mens underwear and they don’t know why everyone makes such a fuss about men in panties.

Sorry – I’m going to call bullshit on that one.

I always want to point out that if panties were no big deal, you wouldn’t be spending time on an internet forum talking about them would you.  I mean, have you ever seen a “Fruit of the Loom Tighty Whities Forum”?  Sox are no big deal.  You don’t have forums where guys talk about their experiences wearing socks do you?

No.  Wearing panties is a kink and there is definitely something the we panty wearing guys get out of it.

So why do we do it?

For me, it’s a definitely a combination of several different things.  First of all, I LOVE the look of panties.  Whether their on a beautiful model, a store maniquin, or even me (and believe me, I’m no model!)  The just look so good!

And lingerie?  Don’t even get me started!  Is there anything more pleasing to look at than a bustier, or a tight, sexy corset?

And of course there’s also the feel.  Is there anything sexier than the feel of satin panties on your junk?  (or silk, or nylon, or lace for that matter?)  And the way the hug your body in just the right way.  Oooo-la-la!!

But as incredibly hot as the look and feel of panties is, I have to shamefully admit that one of the biggest turn ons for me is the fact that guys wearing panties is taboo.

Thre is something about having a naughty, sexy secret that I love.  Have you ever been at the office talking to a couple of female co-workers and wondering whether the underwear they were wearing was as sexy as the underwear you were wearing?  Have you ever walked down a crowded mall and thought, if only they knew?

And have you ever thought “what if I get caught” and found yourself getting aroused?

For me, the question isn’t , how can men like to wear panties?  The question is, how can there be men who don’t like to wear panties!?!?

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  1. sissyjanet says:

    I’ve worn only panties as underwear ever since my wondeful Mom turned me into her daughter when I was 8 yrs old in 1956.

    I even wore brief pink nylon panties and a pink cotton cami to school under my shirt & jeans. At home I was dressed in a skirt & blouse, dresses on Sunday and special occasions, ALWAYS with a nylon full-slip on underneath. Mom drilled into my head that “a girl is NOT properly dressed unless she has a slip on!”

    I’ve never regretted it.

  2. socalifsissyboi says:

    i started wearing panties when i was 11 it was in fact my step dad that got me into it he said one day that i was to cute to be a boy then went out and bout panties,dresses and other lingerie and i was made to wear those all the time around the house going to school i only had to wear my lace panties and the look on the boys faces when they saw me in them was kind of funny so in high school the guys decided that if i was going to wear panties then i should wear a bra to so i did,i love the feel of lace and satin they fit me better and i wouldn’t go back to wearing male underwear again if you gave me the company,and i have enjoyed doing it ever since.

  3. PinkPenny says:

    I love to wear panties. I wear them 24/7. As a kid I was confused about how much I liked to wear panties and the feeling would all most cause me to pass out. I was always able to talk to my mother about anything. So I asked the question why do I like to wear panties? She did not act suprised she just told me that children sometimes just try different things as they grow up. She said that wearing panties happens to be one of those things I was interested to try. Sometimes you grow out of it and sometimes you don’t. My mother bought me my own panties to wear as time went on she new that I was not going to stop. As I time went by she explained to me about what was a CD etc. I am a bi CD now and I am happy with the lifestyle. I have been married for over 20 years. I told my wife about being a CD when we first started dating. She told me what ever makes me happy. She told me about some of her sexual needs so we have been happy and open. No lying or hiding living what we call a normal life. PinkPenny

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