1. kari laci says:

    the first time I tried on panties i was about 10 or 11 years old, I was raised on a sort of hobby farm…I was downstairs and seen some of moms panties in the basket of clotes to be washed, I took them out and went to the barn, I went upstairs in the hayloft and sat playing with them and feeling on my face how soft and silky they were, finally i got enough guts to take of my jeans and underwear and slide them up my legs…. it was the most amazing feeling i ever felt in my life, and it was immediate love, i was so nervous and my heart beating soo fast i was afraid i was going to die right there wearing my moms panties hehehe… i wore them only a few minutes before changing back unfortunately and bringing them back down to the clothes basket

    • dave says:

      I started wearing knickers about 10 years ago and l have not stoped l love the feel of them when l wear them it feels great against my cock and l love the gstring lace knickers that l wear and now l wear bras and stockings maybe we can catch up and wear each others knickersh

  2. Silkyman says:

    I guess I was about 14 put on a pair of pink nylon panties with a pink nighty and it felt wonderful, I then laid down on the bed and started grinding my ass into the bed before I knew it I had soiled my panties and at that point I was hooked !!

  3. SamanthaW says:

    I was 16. My mom had taken my weed and I was hell bent on finding it. I rooted through her dresser. As I pushed aside sz 10 granny panties, I came across a little G-string in a box. Not entirely sure what it was doing there, I forgot about the weed and took the G-string to the bathroom. As son as I slid them on on I was instantly hard. 30 years later panties still have that affect on me.

  4. pantiman2004 says:

    I was 15. My sister was 22 and living at home. She went out drinking for the night. I went to her room and found a pair of leotards and Danskins. ( you remember those? The old workout one piece outfits.). I put them on and loved rubbing myself. I did not vim because I was scared of getting caught. I took off her stuff and had just gotten my underwear back on and putting her stuff back in the drawer when she walked in. She yelled at me to get out. The next day mom asked me what I was doing in her room. I lied and said I was getting socks. I do not know if she believed me but never said anything about it again.

  5. pantyboymichelle says:

    i was 12 years old when i got my first thong..i had a neighborhood friend who lived a few houses down from me, so we were friends and i was always hanging out at his house or coming over to jump on his trampoline etc…well my friend had an older brother who was around 15-16 at the time, so there werea few occassions i would go over there and it would just be my friend and me. well my friend apparently liked to snoop thru his bros room when possible…one day my friend and i are playing video games in his bros room and my friend says check this out i think its a bra and he walks over to the dresser, opens the bottom drawer and pulls from the back of the drawer…A beuatiful black v-string thong that was soo soft. it was laden with rhinestones all over the front and had a tiny girly cute black bow on the front on the waistband….he held them up and my stomach dropped..i instantly got rock hard and could hear my heartbeat in my ears..i thought to myself omg i must try those on and take them and wear them and make them mine..of course i played it off to my friend that i wasnt interested really and he stashed them back, a little later my mind was still focused on the beautiful sexy panties in his brothers dresser..there was no doubt that his bro was fucking girls at the time already. i can remember his bed reaking of pussy and sex stench still lingering in the air when i went into his room sometimes..anyways that told me that some girl who thought she was special must have gave them to him or he asked for them idk..they came from an actual teenage hotty is all i knew…..as me and my friend were jumping on his trampoline later that day, i said i had to use the restroom and went into his house..i quickly went staright to his brothers dresser and pulled out the thong, pocketed them and went into his restroom..i pulled them out of my pocket and was awestruck, my adrenaline pumpin cause i was holding something so forbidden to me.. i didnt hesistate too long at all to put them on, i thought i might faint of how exhilarating it was feeling the soft fabric slide slowly up my legs and then as i pulled them all the way up and the back of the thong slid into my ass and the tiny gusset cupped my bulge so perfectly..i was in a daze for like 15 min in his bathroom just staring into the mirror admiring my score and squeezing and rubbung the soft girly fabric all over my hard cock until my first ever precum dribbled a drop out of the tip of my cock. i wasnt even sure what it was at first but quickly wiped the drop onto my finger tip and eagerly licked it off so i could taste cum for the first time..now all of this was taking time and i couldnt be suspicious, i managed to calm myself down never taking the rhinestone g-string off, i kept it on as i slipped my boy clothes on over them so i could smuggle them back to my house..i left that day and my panty fetish blew up after that..i dont think my friend ever knew i snagged them but i can remember his brother being all frustrated one day and looking all over for something but he wouldnt say what..(: it had to have been that pair of panties he was looking for but he would never find them cause i had them on under my clothes right in front of him

  6. Gymbo says:

    It must have been the hormones. My sister is 2 1/2 years older then me and she always had her cute friends over. I had so many crushes on so many of her girl friends I though something was going to explode…. Along comes puberty, and yes I exploded, and I exploded… again, and again, and …. (you get the point). I must have been the record holder for the number of times I could “serve” myself every day – trust me, morning, noon, night, and several times in between….

    Around the age my parents would leave me home alone while they went out (and they thought I was just watching TV), being all alone I took the opportunity to raid my sisters room. Panties, leotards, tights, swim wear, and slips. I tried them all (funny thought, I was never interested in trying on her bras. I guess I just didn’t get the point… good fodder for a therapy session!). Oh, and the pains I went through to put everything back in place so it didn’t look like anything was moved… OMG!, but no one ever knew what I did.

    I became sexually active at 15 and I scored a pair of panties from every girl I fooled around with. My collection grew and I loved wearing all of them. Not only was I turned on by the feel of the panties, but the memory of the experience tied to how I got them fueled my fire to get more to wear!

    Enter adulthood, Speedo made a really great Men’s brief. Mirco fiber, wide gusset, nylon/spandex, and they were the closest Men’s wear that I could send through the washing machine without anyone knowing I really just liked to wear panties. Speedo stopped making their brief, the big named underwear manufacturers had limited selection of “no fly” “sports briefs”, and I was running out of underwear to wear. What was I to do?

    Sears! Great place to be anonymous and buy panties (and they usually have great sales). I started with buying and wearing black briefs and my wife and kid’s thought I had rediscovered Speedo briefs. Until…… My wife ran out of clean underwear on a trip to Disney in Orlando and she got “freeked out” until I handed her a pair of my briefs. When she looked at the label she paused……. “Vanity Fair? …Vanity Fair?”, and you have been wearing these for years? Da, yes! Since then there has been no questions asked about what underwear I buy, and now my wife asks me my opinion on what type of panties she should get for herself.

    On the erotic end of things…. having her stroke my through a pair of panties drives me wild. I almost think she is trying to set the record for how many times I stain my panties………

  7. XxItsOnlyMexX says:

    Well I must say it was my 15th birth day and I had my girlfriend over to spend the weekend at the house. Now that I think of it my parents never really did care if I had girls over for nights. But back to the story, me and my girlfriend had just got done having sex and the only light in the room was a table lamp on the other side of the bed. Our clothes lay mixed in a pile on the side of the bed I was on and I went to grab my boxers. Little attention I paid I had mistakenly grabbed my girlfriends panties and slipped them on. When I stood up, I remember the panties feeling so comfy and smooth. All of a sudden i hear my girlfriend say “well don’t you look hot in those” and I was shocked when I looked down to see I had them on. But ever since then I’ve wore panties.

  8. lovespanties2011 says:

    Back when I was about 10, my sisters were 16 and 17, and we had a laundry hamper where they would throw all their panties…One day, I discovered them, and the rest is history. I’m 42, and now it’s my wife’s stuff that I wear every chance that I get!

  9. Rj52 says:

    I vaguely recall going through my moms lingerie draw when I was fairly young , but the time that made a lasting impression on me was when I was around 10 or 11 years old. Because I had run out of my own clean underware at our summer cottage my mom gave me a pair of my older sisters to wear until she could do laundry. They were white with a ladybug print and red trim and were made of a silky material. Of course I protested but to no avail, and as I ran around that day the rubbing of the material on my prepubescent cock and balls gave me such pleasurable sensations that I was in a near constant state of erection. That night as I lay in my bed I pressed and rubbed myself against my matress and although I was many months away from my first orgasm those first pleasurable moments in panties had started me on my way.

  10. cassie says:

    I was probably nine We had a basement Id seen mom in her full brief panties and bra So when i discovered them in the laundry i had to take them out omg how they felt and smelled.Id sit on that cold tile floor and rub my Lil cock mmmmm.Then when i was allowed to stay home alone it was right to the closet nylon panties bra and silky slip I even sat at her makeup table Once i called my neighbor friend to cum see me

  11. kazzieukcd says:

    I was 6 ish when I had to put on my sisters panties, only clean things in the house that fitted me. I remember them well. Lemon yellow nylon with a see through outer layer & white lace trim. so pretty xxx

  12. panda1977 says:

    I remember the first time, I was 14 and found a pair of satin and lace panties in my mom’s drawer. i put them on and have never looked back. I love g-strings, thongs, and all kinds of sexy lingerie. I love seeing a guy in sexy panties and lingerie it gets me super hard. I would have to say I am addicted to it!

  13. plcro39 says:

    I was 3 when I found a pair of my older sisters [7] white nylon panties with lace on the bum, I put them on and wore them in the morning under my pj’s until my dad came in from chores and insisted I get dressed and join him outside, he caught me when I was changing, he was mad but my Mom didn’t say anything. I stayed away from panties after that until I was 10 or 11 when I found my sisters nylon bikini panties and slip. I tried them both on and experienced my first orgasm, then I couldn’t leave them alone……………… Nylon forever

  14. nollam says:

    Sisters knickers when I was pre-teen; used ones I’d find in people hampers I liked to taste and wear; some taken from college laundry; some I stole from washing lines; more recently my wife buys them for me.

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