My Husband Loves Panties

My husband loves panties and lingerie. I know, I know. What man doesn’t? But I mean my husband REALLY loves panties and lingerie!

I always knew that Paul had a thing for lingerie. He went wild every time I wore it, and every birthday and holiday he would buy me a sexy teddy or baby doll set. He pretended they were for me but we both knew they were really for him, and he always loved to see me in my new outfits.

So I always knew that Paul loved sexy lingerie, but one night something happened that gave me a whole new perspective on just how much Paul loved lingerie!

It was a Saturday night and I was taking a long, hot, well deserved bath. After soaking for almost an hour I finally got out of the tub, dried off, and went into the bedroom. There, laying on the bed, was a red babydoll with matching bikini panties.

I picked up the babydoll and laughed at Paul’s not-so-subtle hint.

I decided to humor him by putting on the lingerie, climbing on the bed, and waiting for him to come upstairs. I didn’t have to wait long.

When Paul came through the door a huge smile spread across his face.

“You look hot”, he said with a gleam in his eye.

I just gave him a “come here” gesture with my finger and in seconds we were rolling around on the bed naked, making out like a pair of horny teenagers.

For some reason I was really in the mood for oral sex so rolled over on my back and pushed down on Paul’s shoulders, giving him our well known signal that I wanted him to go down on him. Paul is always eager to satisfy me with his mouth and within only minutes of him stripping off my panties I was having a long, wonderful orgasm.

When he finished I wanted to return the favor so I rolled him over and cuddled up next to him. I saw my satin panties on the edge of the bed and that gave me an idea. I reached over and grabbed them and then wrapped them around his stiff cock. Slowly I started to stroking him up and down with my panties. The effect was amazing. Paul gasped and threw his head back. As I stroked him his entire body stiffened.

“Do you like feeling my panties?” I teased.

Paul was too turned on to talk and he simply began moving his hips in rhythm with my stroking hand. It wasn’t more than two minutes later when I felt his cock stiffen and then spasm as he shot his cum high into the air. It landed high up on his chest and I jerked my head back in surprise. Paul shot another load onto his stomach, and then another. I watched in amazement as he load after load shot from his cock. I had never seen him cum so hard!

That night I lay in bed awake wondering what had happened. I had never seen Paul cum like that. It was the panties, I thought to myself. It had to be the panties.

I don’t know why but for the next few days I could not get the thought of what happened out of my mind. I kept picturing the scene in my head over and over again. How could a simple pair of panties have such a huge effect on a guy?

By the end of the week I had determined that I was going to try an experiment to see how deep Paul’s love of lingerie actually was.

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    • Wife Panty Wearer says:

      My wife is wonderful. She let’s me wear any of her panties and she doesn’t mind at all. I wear her panties, g strings, bum shorts everyday to work. Just recently I asked her if I could wear her used panties everyday and she was totally cool. She now keeps the panty that she uses for the whole day for me to use the next day. My wife is awesome.

  1. Gamers I says:

    I love your story. I wear garter belts an stockings whenever I can, sometimes my wife does’t understand it. You are very lucky. Let your wife pick out your lingerie, you won’t regret it and will have a lot of fun.

  2. Agwwgp says:

    Oh my goodness, that was so hot. I’m excited reading that. Wish my wife did those things to me. I too would shoot a big load and be embarrassed. But I would love it and admit I am a panty boy.

  3. Spicingitup1234 says:

    WOW…that turns me on. I wish my wife would let me where some while we play but she just isn’t into that. I guess I will have to keep wearing them when she is away :(

  4. Lynne says:

    I love my pink lacy panties that my wife makes me wear to work. She calls me at work and tells me what a sissy slut I am. When I get home she makes me wear the matching pink bra before we go to bed. I love being a panty boy!

  5. PammyCD says:

    Great story, I wear 95% of the time, and my wife has bought me several pairs in the past and I like to put on my thigh hi’s and panties and short black tight skirt and heels she bought me for Christmas and come back into the living room as she watches me go to my computer and adjust my chair to accept the 6 inch heels. I love it and she has an evil grin sometimes.

  6. Curious1 says:

    I love your story. My wife tolerates me wearing panties and will every once in a while rub my panties while we are in bed. It is quite a turn on to be wearing panties with my wife. She knows that I completely dress at times in pantyhose, bra, dresses and high heels but mostly I do that privately. She thinks that too much is silly, yet she does not give me a difficult time with it. She knows that I have hundreds of pairs of panties in all different colors and styles. I love being a Pantyboy.

    • lovingmyknickers says:

      My wife is the same. She has never caught me fully dressed. She thinks I only wear her panties when she is around. Little does she know sat here now in her moist new panties

  7. smokey says:

    I am a full time panty wearer, and I am very lucky that my wife actually seems to get turned on when I come to bed in a shorty nightgown or a pair of panties and a half slip. It seems to spice up our bedroom play.

    I enjoyed your story very much and will try to share some of our stories at a later date. Right now I need to get my shorty nightgown, pantied body to bed. Good night all.

  8. gary46 says:

    Just love wearing lingerie! My wife is good with it, and it does spice up our bedroom activity. Very lucky to have a wife like her! She got me into wearing lingerie over 25 years ago. Love her for that! Love all the stories here!

  9. dreamy says:

    lovely story for me because that is what we do play with panties it all started when i left i pair that i bought secretly in the dryer after washing them she found them i was so embaresed. Any way she just put them on and said come on then play with them now. i have just bought a black pair of french silky knickers (to add to our collection) and cant wait for her to find them on me tonight x

  10. lovinpanties says:

    That story was over a year old, how about an update? Has Paul continued to wear panties during your romps? What style does he prefer? Another thing to have him try is to remove all his hair down there and then wear a sexy pair of panties! I love the clean feeling of my hairless cock in a cute little thong of my wifes! She also enjoys going down on my thong covered rod. No more spitting out hairs! Just saying!

  11. geraldo53 says:

    I wear pnties every day. My wife knows and helps me pick them out. We went panty shopping for me tonight. It is always a turn on for her to rub me in them and I think she enjoys having a pantyboy to play with. The comfort of panties is amazing. My cock stays hard most of the time but I think it is from the taboo or the possibility of being caught by someone who might not understand.

  12. Blueshysz8 says:

    Great Hot story ! Loved it. My girlfriend of a year now is a keeper. From the get go I was up front and honest with her about how I love lingerie and panties, and that I wear them too. She said that’s alright, I love you for who you are. I was floored! I thought for sure she would freak. And just recently I told her that I wear them often because they are just so darn comfortable and she said, that’s great.., I don’t blame you! Then she said , I will start looking for you some and buy you panties. Yeah.., I’m in ecstasy!!

  13. Vicky59 says:

    I am a long time pantie and dress up boy 40 plus years my 2ed wife play with me some times .but she left .all the more I can dress and injoy myself .i dress top to bottom wig to heels and go out to play at bookstores and adult movies . Going out tonight ! XOXO later!

  14. lacecouple says:

    Several years ago while I was making love to my wife, she rubbed me with her panties, it was great. She saw my reaction and slipped them on me. Now whenever we make love we both dress up in lingerie. We shop together for my panties, she is wonderful

  15. C says:

    Your comments are so nice and warm. Thats great for those whose partners embrace your desires and you both enjoy it. Sorry for those who aren’t as fortunate.
    Wish I could find a pantyboy to enjoy….. : (

  16. Alwkgalspal says:

    WELL !! Guys i am a panty wearer too for many years now fter and beore my last two wives whom tolerated but didn’t full like the idea… NOW I have a partener whom loves me wearing all nice silk lockknit lingerie and even buys me the MOST silkiest lockknit panties so she can make such beautifull love to me by rubbing me to extascy whilst I play her bum like a violin with the sikiest nightie that she wears,, and she will accept me inside her with the silk lockknit panties over my MOST erect body ..she loves the vibrations that the silk lockknit moving over our bodies does with two layers and also the sting affect which drives us both to extascy .. she is o cute in a silken lockknit full length nightie which sometimes wants me to adorn too.. SUCH A FATASTIC FEELING Love all your stories .. I’ll one day post HOW I was initiated into wearing Silken Lockknit Womens panties ..
    Cheers with lots of Rubs and EXTASCIES by PANTIES. Al..

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