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Here you will find a comprehensive list of our men in panties videos collection.  We have a great (and growing) library of men in panties videos featuring guys wearing panties, bras, lingerie, and a lot more.  Many of them are exclusive videos made by our members and are only available here at  Others are videos that we found on YouTube and other great sites on the internet.

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If you have a video that you would like to share, just contact me and I would love to add it to our video collection.


These are men in panties videos that were made and submitted by our members.   These videos are not available on YouTube or anywhere else.

filmstrip-gas-stationGas Station  Going to the gas station looking like a tart in my pick tube skirt and black fishnet stockings.



Clip of video showing man in pink panties on stairsPanties on the Stairs  Sitting on the stairs waiting for “daddy”.



Second clip of video of someone watching man in panties inside hotel roomHotel Room Show 2  Here is a video of my second night in my hotel room.  While I was playing in my room this night, someone in a car drove up, parked outside my window, and enjoyed watching me in my miniskirt, panties, and stockings.


Image of girl walking by hotel room windowHotel Room Show  Playing in my hotel room with the curtains slightly open when this cute girl walked by my window.



Image of video of man playing on hotel bed in pink panties Playing on Hotel Bed  If you like videos of guys in panties, here is one of me playing on a bed in a hotel in my black and hot pink lingerie.



Man in blue women's panties, black skirt, bra, and fishnet stockings

Blue Roched Panties  I found this really hot pair of blue roched panties at the store and just HAD to buy them!



man posing in black panties and fishnet lingeriePosing in Black Panties and Mesh Lingerie – Part 2  Here is Part 2 of the video of me posing in my mesh lingerie.



Image from our men in panties videosPosing in Black Panties and Mesh Lingerie -Part 1  Here is Part 1 of a two part video of me posing in a pair of black panties with a matching black bra and stockings, and some sexy black mesh lingerie.



Man Wearing Black Panties and Teddy on the BedPlaying on My Bed  A sexy video of me wearing a black teddy, black panties, and black fishnet stockings.



Man wearing black panties and skirt outsideOutside in Black Skirt and Stockings  I decided to put on my black top, skirt, and stockings and play outside for a little bit.  The lighting is not very good but I hope you still like the video.


Me in Blue Panties  Some video of my laying around in my blue nylon panties.

Black Outfit  Another video of me playing.  This time in my black skirt, panties, and stockings.

Playing in my Camper  Here is a little clip of me playing in the back of my camper in a pair pf pink panties, an ultra-short black miniskirt, and a pair of fishnet stockings.

My First Panty Video – This is my first video.  It’s a short video of me just lounging around in my favorite pair of purple boy-short panties.



These are men in panties videos that I found on YouTube and other places on the web. Some of them are videos of crossdressers and others are videos of guys who just like to wear panties.  (Please note – I do not monitor these links and sometimes videos are removed.  So I apologize is a link leads to a video that is no longer there!)

Satinpanties is Back  This is a rather long video of probably one of the sexiest panty-guys on the web.  He’s got a killer body and knows how to move it in that sultry, sexy way.  It’s nine minutes long, but once you start watching it you’ll be mesmerized!

Silver Dress Another video of Kitty.  This time he’s (she’s?) in a parking lot showing off in a tight, smoking hot silver mini-dress.

Posing in Pink Panties  Here’s a video of a hot guy posing in some ski-tight pink panties.  Very sexy!

Crossdresser in Sexy Suspenders  Here is another video from Santhiasy2 who is the pantyboy who made the Crossdresser in Black video.

Crossdresser in Black  This is a video of a crossdresser playing outside in a tight black dress with sexy black stockings.  Awesome body and sexy butt!

Tight Black Dress  Here’s a video from YouTube of a guy in a skin-tight black dress, long satin gloves, and purple panties.  The camera work is shaky but his outfit is HOT!

Satin Gloves and Panties  This is a video of a guy in hot red satin panties, a white corset, white satin gloves, and sexy fishnet stockings.  He really knows how to work it – very sexy!  If you like men wearing satin panties, this video is for you!


Men in panties videos are becoming more and more mainstream.  Here are some links to videos from commercials, movies, and TV shows featuring men in panties.

HommeMystere Video  HommeMystere is a company based in Australia that designs and sells panties, bras, and frilly lingerie that is specifically designed for women.  They because something of a media sensation in the spring of 2013 when they had a runway show in Las Vegas, and released several video advertisements on the internet.  This link goes to their homepage which has what I consider to be one of the best men in panties videos.  It features a very attractive man and woman getting ready for an evening out and . . . well, just take a look and you’ll see!


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