Panty lines

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    Panty lines – good or bad?

    Personally, i love them. Both on myself and seeing them on women. I think they are incredibly sexy. Im not sure why women hate them so much.



    I used to think that you could never really tell if a guy had panty line because a lot of men's underwear is bikini cut like women's panties.  BUt I was at the store one and I saw a guy who was wearing a pair of khakis who definitely had panty lines.  There was NO mistaking them!


    I have always thought panty lines are sexy – I imagines what the panties looked like under their pants or skirt



    I like to see women with panty lines and I wonder if what I am wearing is sexier or prettier than hers.  Panty waists are fun to see too!



    I love panty lines. I will wear white tights and satin panties with flowers. Love them on women why not me.




    I have to agree, panty lines are extremely sexy for some reason.  I can NOT understand why women don’t like them.  I’ve never been interested in them on guys, but I do love the many variations you see on women when out and about.  I think they miss the point that if they are not showing a line, people can still “see” their underwear, ‘cos “We all know what you’re wearing!” (or not wearing, as the case may be)



    women can tell, let me tell you. Its not just the bikini cut. its the crotch, there is a horizontal line where the cotton crocth is that totaly gives it away on a male. and then theres the thong panty line. if your slacks are thin its a give away. but the bikinis with and other slacks you know there womans panties. then theres the little lace or silkyness that shows if you wear hip huggs and wow dont bend over wrong :-) . women can tell there panties,  and some men.  :-) my ex loved makeing me wear very fem sissy lacey panties that if you looked ” OH WOW” you knew.



    I love pantyline on men and women .Makes me wonder who has a cutier panty



    I love panty line there are hot . It leaves you guessing weather  or not you wearing the same ones



    seeing them on women is hot, always on the look out to see what they might be wearing. I know mine show all the time. Would b fun for a guy or girl to say nice panties.



    If we accept what Sugar says, them more women probably know about us than we realize ….LOL



    i all was make sure my pantie lines show and

    look for panty lines on women sexy



    Isn’t that funny both “Olgasbest” &  “Erica” mention wondering who are wearing the best/cutiest panties. I am exactly the same, I could be dressed in a suit and tie (with Panties) & see a cute girl and I think ” I bet my panties are sexier than yours. In my younger days I bought a pair of Yellow trousers and went out to the pub wearing a frilly pair of Black panties knowing they could be seen under my trousers (I’d made sure before I went out) I kept Leaning over the pool table to take a shot whenever I could knowing they were looking at my pantie covered backside.



    As do I like panty lines I guess I never thought  about them showing on me, guess Im going to have to see. Would it be harder to see if your wearing loose jeans?



    I love panty lines.  Sometimes when it is hard to see the pantylines I stare really hard and try to find out if the person is wearing a thong.  Sometimes they are.  Sometimes I get caught and get a nasty glare.  Panty lines definitely define a person.

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