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    What are all of your views on panties specifically made for or tailored for men?
    I have seen a few different kinds online, some with a little sleeve for your cock with the head sticking out the front. Most just have extra room in the front.

    Personally the thrill of wearing panties is that they were made for a women. I dont think it would feel the same if they were made for men.
    I also like the snugness of panties around my cock.



    Women’s panties only along with everything else women wear.



    If I wanted to wear silk men’s underwear I would. But it would still just be men’s. The fact that they are women’s is the part that makes it enjoyable.



    I agree, womens are better. I think that is part of the thrill. The taboo aspect. Ive seen the mens, like on the Manties site. not for me.



    only women’s panties for me. i have tried mens nylon underwear and it is just not the same. Panties all the way!!!

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    Agreed, it has to be women’s panties for me. I don’t find those made for men at all attractive. However, I do sometimes wish that the crotch area was a little bit larger to hold everything in place.



    To me it is as much about the feel of the material as how you look when wearing the underwear/panties. I have to admit the “taboo” nature of panties adds an additional thrill.


    Never Before

    I have no interest in panties tailored for me. All of the enjoyment is wearing women’s panties.The rush when I buy them. The feel as I slide them on. Knowing I am wearing panties while in meetings… It is all because they ARE women’s clothes.



    I haven’t bought any yet, but some of the offers on and look like fun. Some are very silky and lacy, with a very feminine cut, but just have that little extra room up front. Some women’s panties just don’t work, especially the tiny lacy things I prefer.

    For me it is not so much about wearing women’s lingerie as it is the look and feel of nice things. I especially like the feminine look that these companies provide.

    Another is, some fun things, but so far my lingerie draw is still filled with women’s wear.



    I was just checking out pintrest. should have a look if you haven’t, I searched, panties, and men in panties. In the men in panties, a pin from a Japanese web page called rocketnews showed a matching pantie bra set made for men.

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