In public with only panties on.

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    Was at a hotel in Texas in the hot summer and had no swimwear, But had stopped by an outlet storeand bought some panties on the way there. Was drinking a few beers and trying on my purchase in the room and looked out at the pool.

    There were 2 couples and there kids swimming so I put on the black bikini pantie thinking about useing that for my swimsuit, was shacking with excitement (so i Downed another beer) went down to the pool with only my towel and a beer

    the couples were nice and started talking to me and offered my some of there beer, I don't know if they could tell or not as they did not say anything. So I left and went to the front desk to ask for another towel. (and to see the sweeheart that had checked me in) then headed back to my room WHAT A RUSH.





    I was in a hotel recently in Nevada, and had been playing in my room trying on some new lingerie, new heels and panties i had bought. I decided I wanted something out of my car which was one floor below my window and across the parking lot. so wearing my heels, black fishnets, pueple zebra lace panties and matching bra, i therew a button up shirt on, did 1 button up, put on a pair of short shorts and walked out of my room, down the steps and out through the parking lot, got whatI needed and thn back inside. There was a ton of windows I’m sure someone had to see.



    It would have been nice to see…it would have been nice to stop you in the hallway, and get a better look.



    About 4 years ago I was at Folly Beach near Charleston, SC and was on the balcony at dusk and did not think there was to many people on the beach but there was and there I stood in white panties.



    I wish I had been there, blue, to see you in those white panties.




    I went for a walk recently in some local woods wearing just the panty half of a black and white zebra stripe bikini. On my way back to where I had left the rest of my clothes I saw a guy walking his dog. Dont know if he saw me or not




    Been out in public in panties and tutus, but it was high desert at 2AM, or wheat field at midnight, or secluded cove or beach during the day.

    I used to walk around kind of sketchy, ‘alternative’ areas in tight stretch pants showing off my panty lines when I was younger and braver.  Could usually end up at a party with other crossdressers or gay people.  Had to give that up after a certain age, but did get to hang out with some cool, non-judgemental people.

    I have a friend with a dock about 20 feet off the road, but 10 feet below it where one piece, skirted bathing suits or just regular one-piecers  or nothing at all and no one can see (except for the people on the other side of the inlet).  Kind of cool to chill out and party that way some times.

    On private property, it’s safer – on a public street or open space, the potential for people to freak keeps me from doing it anymore, but I’d love to romp around 10 acres in nothing but panties and skirts with a bunch of other sissies in nothing but panties and skirts – yum!





    I have gone out many morning to get the paper wearing only a string soft nylon bikini, sometimes a very short sheer t shirt that didn’t cover my panties at all. I still walk on a trail near my home almost every morning that is seldom used, especially before daylight in just my panties (usually my favorite white sheer nylon high cuts by Hanes) and a very short type T shirt that does not come close to covering my ass or front. It is alongside a busy main Highway and I am sure I can be seen by the passing cars. Met a guy there one morning also walking. We just spoke and moved on. I loved it!!!

    I also like to pull my panties up in the back and let my shorts drop down in the back when I walk outside during the day. Love to flash my panties!!!



    I was in Miami Beach for a convention. Of course I immediately went out to buy some panties. I tried them on in my room, then went out on the balcony just in panties and stood there drinking some wine. Nice, very nice. There was a hotel just across from me with hundreds of rooms facing me. Not sure if anyone saw, but I enjoyed the thought! The next day I put on a wonderful pair of black lace panties with a g-string. I went down to the pool in shorts, but took them off and laid in the sun with just the panties. I ordered a couple of drinks and enjoyed the sunshine and pool. Then I went out on the beach, rented a lounge and ordered some beer. The beach was quite busy and I simply enjoyed laying there where everyone could see. After a few beers I walked down the beach, went in the water and walked back. You all know what water will do to panties. It didn’t bother me a bit.

    That night after dinner, I put on a shiny boy short panty a button up shirt, tied just so and walked along the board walk. It was amazing the feeling of not caring what people thought and enjoying the warm air. It was a great time and I cannot wait to return.



    If my neighbor can walk out of his house in pink boxers, I can take the garbage out to the curb while I am wearing black  leggins!



    you guys are braver them me!! I do walk down my driveway to get the paper on the weekends, about 200 yards, with my robe covering my panties, i accidently, on purpose, let the fron open a bit. However, only have 1 neibor, sometimes a car passes.



    I normally wear black or navy blue bikini or hipster-style panties (without any lace or other decoration) for a bathing suit and they are relatively hard to tell from a Speedo suit. How the legs and waist are finished may be a determining factor though, for example, if the edges are picoted they will be more noticeable than straight-sown hems. The dead give away is usually the panty gusset seams, especially the back one if it’s really high the way that I like it. I have also worn black high-cut (granny) panties as well as patterned bikini panties and ladies bikini bottoms to the beach.

    From my own experience only I wouldn’t be too secretive about wearing your panties to swim in as your shyness or attempts to hide them may attract attention.



    Rhumba, If you walked past me in your panties, I would KNOW that they were panties …. But that what I live for….



    It’s such a rush when you go outside in them!!

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