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    I thought this would be a great thread.  How did you tell your wife or girlfriend (or boyfriend – we don't discriminate here) that you like to wear women's underwear?  Did you actually tell her or were you caught and forced to come clean?



    Crossdressing is important enough to me that I have told the last 3 women I dated about it right away.  One never answered another call, one said it was ok, but after telling her sister she broke it off, and the third got off on it.  Not a great record, but the only dating site I've used has it right up front.  I got only 1 response and she became a good friend, but not a lover.


    There is an argument for establishing a loving relationship before letting her know, but I really have no desire to live without my panties, no matter the reason.



    I think the best route is to be honest with your s/o….I know this because I was not honest with my wife and now I’m miserable. I have to hide my panty wearing from her as best I can. At the time I got married, I was in denial about who I was, or better said I didn’t know who I was. I had worn panties on and off for years but would purge my collection every so often. When I began dating my wife, I wasn’t wearing panties at all and didn’t think I would return to them. But once that panty addiction hits you, I don’t think it ever really goes away. I did eventually tell my wife that I had worn panties before but she made it clear to me that that was something she never wanted to see. It’s really such a stupid stigma about men in panties. It’s perfectly ok for my wife to wear those very ugly boxer briefs for girls that they make now and that’s all she wears. It might as well be men’s underwear. But God forbid if I put on just a plain pair of white panties.



    Honesty is always the best policy.  But it is much easier said than done.  There is such a stigma to men wearing panties.  With all the recent magazine and other media coverage about gay celebreties coming out, I think we live in a society that might embrace a person being gay more easily than a man in panties, whether he is gay or not.  It’s a shame.  You look mighty fine in those panties.


    pantie lover

    I told my future partner after a couple of months dating.

    I am pleased to say she was very good about it, showing a lot of interest in my panties.

    That was over 2 years ago and now we are living together I wear panties all the time as well as other underwear and skirts. Lucky me:-)



    it all started when i told her i was addicted to smelling her worn panties,one night we were playing and i asked her if i could wear them after smelling them she said yes and the flood gates were opened :)



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    i’m still trying to figure out how to tell my Wife about my panties AND that i am bi and want to be cuck’d


    vanity fair

    I have worn panties since I was a boy of about 10 years old. When I bought my  wife some panties , one of the pairs was a little smaller than the others and she did not wear them.  She was going to  throw them away, but I said I would buy her a larger size pair if I could wear the other pair so we could match and so we did.  It took several years to convince her to let me wear panties all the time.  She even buys panties for me now.  Mostly I wear Vanity Fair nylon panties along with slips and pettipanties.


    I’ve  been dating my girlfriend for about 1 and a half year and I’m trying to tell her but hasn’t happened yet. I left a Victoria’s secret tag in my cup holder of my car in plainview and drove out with her the other night. I’m sure she seen it but never said anything. I’ve also told her how much I like some of hers. I think she kinda knows but I’on not sure how to come out and say it.  But I want to wear them out with her. I take them off before I leave the house. Should I just wear them one night and have her find them on me?



    I had worn my wifes panties, while she was at work. Taken a few nylon ones that she never wore, and cum so hard in them. I took some of her black microfiber panties with us on vacation and wore them in an outdoor spa on the rental homes deck while she was wearing a swimsuit. She mentioned never seeing those before, and how they looked good on me. I told her that they were hers, that she never wore and that I liked them. At the time, she kind of laughed it off, even making some remark about wearing a multicolored striped pair of hers that she never wore. That broke the dam open, and I started buying my own nylon ones, of all kinds of colors. She didn’t want me to wear them to work, and I didn’t tell her that I had ordered quite a few others. One day, while I was at work, she looked in my drawer and saw all of my pretty panties. I got home and she was mad as a wet hen. I told her that I would clean out the drawer, and I did(except the black microfiber ones). I put them in the closet, but within a month or so, I had most of them back in my drawer. I continued wearing them and on our next vacation to the same place, all I took were panties. When she saw that she had another fit, and that was the beginning of the end. My love for panties is more than my love of her. She wanted me to get tested for low testosterone, I did and it was normal. I went to see a counselor and he didn’t have a problem with it, and we mostly talked about my marriage, and it’s problems. I moved into a spare bedroom and have been wearing panties and nighties ever since. Now since the prospect of our pending divorce, she is threatening to tell the world…



    I told my girlfriend the very first time we got intimate. I met her at a charity organisation to which we both belong – not going to explain further on that other than it is a uniformed charity (Make of that what you will :-D ) I knew her for nearly two years before we started dating, and we had just got back in from a meal out in Cardiff Bay, when, basically, she attacked me and did what comes naturally to a horny couple. She didn’t even notice at that moment that the undies she was taking off me were slinkier that normal for male undies.

    Anyway, after we had finished, we got dressed, but then I thought I had to tell her. It wasn’t fair otherwise. I told her that I had something to tell her, and that I was bricking myself. I dropped my trousers again and asked her what she could see. I was wearing a pair of white, high cut, microfibre, Kalvin Klein knickers that were obviouly mor uni-sex than I thought because even looking at them she didn’t realise. When I explained she looked thoughtful and asked a few questions, but otherwise seemed fine with it. Over time she has asked more and more questions, which I’ve tried to answer as fully and honestly as I can, even explaining that I can’t now stop, and don’t want to even try.

    She now says it’s just part of who I am.

    There’s never any issue of me wearing them to bed alongside her, but also there’s never any panty play.

    The only rule she has set is that I can’t wear hers, I have to have my own, but that’s okay as we are three sizes different and I wouldn’t have a hope of getting into any of hers without a great deal of damage to either me or to her knickers.

    She says the only reason she was a touch hesitant at first is that one of the other guys in the same organisation we both belong to is known to be a tranny, but pretended it was just a one off for a fancy dress on the one occasion he was actually seen by other members of the organisation. That he’s also an unpleasant officious incompetant buffoon and arse doesn’t help. (I described him as ‘too incompetent to be a tosser’ after the one time I had to be on duty with him.) She was just checking that I wasn’t like him, or going to be like him.

    Two years later we are still together, and she has bought me undies, and we also have matching undies.



    I only “told” my wife very recently.  I say “told” because I didn’t exactly tell her, it sort of “happened”.  Let me explain.  :)

    We were on holidays on Bali and I had run out of underwear to wear out to dinner.  I told her as much, and she threw some of hers at me sand said I could wear those.  I was quite excited, quickly agreed and put them on.  For those interested, they were beige, I guess nylon/elastine type.  Quite sweaty for a place like Bali!

    When we got back from dinner and I was getting undressed, I commented on how they felt and that men don’t get underwear like that.  She actually surprised me by saying that if I like them, she could always buy me some of my own!  Her comment of, “I don’t care if you want to wear women’s underwear.” really threw me, but excited me at the same time.  She said we could go shopping the next day and pick some out.

    The next day, we were shopping and made it all the way to the checkouts without looking at any undies.  I was slightly disappointed, but at this point I was still working out if she was serious or not.  She asked me if I needed anything else.  I replied, “I thought you were going to buy me some frilly undies..” She quickly remembered and took me up to the underwear section to have a look.  There wasn’t anything nice in my size (Bali people must all be tiny!) so we left it there, but I did see some that I would have liked if they were.  I mentioned which ones I liked on the way out of the shop, just to make sure she didn’t think I’d lost interest.  We haven’t really spoken about it since other than her telling me a couple of times that it’s fine.

    Last night we were cleaning out her side of the wardrobe when she offered me a couple of pairs of her undies and stockings that she doesn’t wear, so I put them in my drawer and am wearing a pair at work today (black nylon, red lace, bow at the front)!  I will tell her how fantastic I’ve felt all day when I get home.  :)  We are extremely lucky that we are of a similar size.

    I have also just found a great looking online store here in Australia where they make female style underwear, but with a men’s cut/fit.  I am VERY excited to try these out, as I think they would feel much better than just wearing badly cut women’s undies.  I mean, as nice as they feel, who wants badly fitting underwear?

    I am looking forward to when my new articles arrive to see how she reacts; maybe she will actually get the nerve to buy me some herself!!  :P

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