First Time Caught in Panties

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    The first time I was ever caught wearing a pair of panties was in a store a long, long time ago.  I was at a Target in the lingerie department looking around when I saw some really hot panties on the bottom part of a clothng rack.  I had stooped down and was going through them, looking for a pair in the right size when all of the sudden I heard laughing behind me.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw two girls behind me, about thirty yeards away, staring at me and laughing together. 

    As soon as I looked at them they scurried off behind some other clothing racks.  At first I thought they were laughing at me because I was a guy and was looking through a bunch of women's panties, but then it struck me what they were really laughing about.  I reached behind me and felt that when I had stooped down my shirt had raised up and my pants had lowered a few inches and about two or three inches of my panties were showing.  They were pink and had a frilly waistband and there was no mistaking them for guy's underwear!

    I all but jumped up to my feet and I must have turned three different shades of red.  I was so embarassed that I left the store without buying anything, but not more than an hour later, as I replayed the events in my head, I started getting really turned on by the thought that those two girls had seen my panties.

    Since then I have been caught wearing panties and other lingerie several times – sometimes on accident and sometimes not on accident.

    How about you, do you remember the first time someone caught you in panties?    



    The first time I was ever “caught” wearing panties was at a football game in college.  It was kind of similar to what happened to you.  I was sitting on the bleachers and I didn't realize that my panties were showing.  I heard some girls who were sitting behind me laughing and carrying on.  I wasn't paying attention and at first I thought they were just excited about the game, but after awhile I heard one of them say “panties” and I instantly knew what was going on.

     I was really embarrassed but I didn't want to immediately jump up and run.  So I sat there for awhile blushing and listening to them carry on about my panties before I finally got up and left.  I was really embarrassed!   Embarassed



    hasn’t happened yet that I’ve been “caught” wearing panties (or pantyhose)….not really sure how I would react, probably would depend on the who and when and how, and their reaction….hopefully it could lead somewhere fun



    I jhave never been caught, at least not like that. I wore panties when I was back in New England last fall, I was cutting and splitting wood with my brother, father and another guy. Nobody said anything, but I’m sure thay could have/would have seen them. Then my mom making the comment about asking if I had come down to the bathroom during the night…I had been wearing a babydoll. She didn’t come right out and say anything, but the fact that she mentioned it was enough for me to believe that she saw.



    i was caught by my cousin when i was 15. she was 18 at the time and walked into the bathroom to find me hard inside her panties. she called me a perv and stormed out. it put me off wearing panties for years and its only recently i have rediscovered the pleasure of it.



    I think by my girlfriend way back in the 80′s.  There really wasn’t much discussion about it. I even remember they were like a zebra pattern, new-wave nylon bikini.

    She saw, I saw she saw and then we got naked and had sex – never a big deal.  Over the years after we split up, she’d buy panties for me or give me hers.  Slips and bras and hose too.  She helps me with makeup and clothing ideas even today, decades later.  Her husband is OK with it and sometimes offer suggestions as well.

    Just a great, helpful friend and couple – I’m lucky.




    My first time was when my wife walked in on me while I was wearing her bra and panties looking at my self in the mirror




    If I caught a man in public wearing panties I would either say nice panties or snap them.



    The first time I was caught was by my wife, we had been married about a year I tried to suppress my urge but one night when she was asleep so I put on a pair of her nylon panties red I think and a very sexy red night gown was sitting in living room just enjoying the moon light coming in thru the sliding glass door and was slowing rubbing my self thru the silky material. Then I looked up and she was standing in the hallway. Wow what could I do, she went back to the bed room I took off the clothes and put back on my boring “tighty whites” and went back to bed with her , I then had to confess what I was doing and how long I had been doing it. She was not perceptive to say the least. So after that I had to be more careful. She eventually  became more understanding but that is a longer story which I will post I am sure.



    The first time I was caught was by my wife who is not the type thapprove of my wearing panties. I was wearing panties everyday on the job away from home but always changed before coming home for the weekend. One weekend I was too tired and left my lacy briefs on. When my wife picked me up at the airport the top of the briefs were sticking up above the top of my pants and my wife spotted them. I got a good lecture to the effect that wearing panties was wierd and I had a real problem.

    I then assured her I woukd get rid of my panties, but of course kept them at the jobsite and wore panties every day. I did not wear them at home for a while, but then decided I would wear them and take special precautions. I now wear them while stting next to her and she does not have a clue. Hopefully she never wull.



    Wow Hardrock that is an interesting story. I have also thought about wearing panties without my wife knowing but havent tried yet.



    College in the 80′s; our first date was a kayak trip and I was so hungover I could barely paddle in a straight line.  Later that night we got intimate and for some reason I was the “first” (out of many, as it turns out…) to pleasure her “first”, actually to “PLEASURE HER!!! – though to believe, but true).   Days go by, college sex is great and she goes to throw out a pair of stockings.  I said “wait”, I put them on, holes and everything….. They felt great on my skin, kept my legs and but tight, and we had a great time.  30 years now we have been together, and I buy her all the panties she now wears.



    I have never been caught that I know of. However, last summer I was crawling around under my motorhome, unhooking the sewer line and my neighbor was ther helping. I had on a pair of vaniny fair, 2 string bikini, beige. I was wearing loose sweat pants, they tend to sag a little, so I kept adjusting. When I was under the RV, I came up and about an inch or so was exposed in the back. Not sure if he saw, nothing said, but dont know how he couldnt see. Hes the kinda guy that would bring it up when a bunch of guys hangin out drinkin beer, I was real nervous for awhile.

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