Driving in Panties

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    Does anyone else like to drive wearing nothing but panties or lingerie, or sexy clothes?

    When I have to go on a long trip I will often put on some sexy clothes to wear while driving.  I usually wear a women's top, a short miniskirt, panties, and stockings.  The skirts I have are really short and when I sit the tops of my stockings are exposed and you can usually see a little bit of my panties peeking out.

    One time I was wearing a red plaid schoolgirl skirt with a white top, pink panties, and black fishnet stockings.  As soon as I pulled onto the highway I had to pass several trucks.  As I passed the first one the driver blew his horn.  THen, as I drove past the second truck right in front of him, he blew his horn too!

    I couldn't help but wonder if the first truck used his CB to let the truck in front of him know that I was coming,  The thought of a bunch of truckers talking about me on their CBs got me really excited.  



    I was driving down the Interstate one day, wearing a stuffed bra under my shirt.  I passed a car full of girls and when they looked over at me, I lifted my shirt and showed them my bra.  A little while later they passed me (after I slowed down a little) and they all showed me their bras!  Cute!!



    I was driving home from Las Vegas some years ago wearing a new Glamorise 48G bra with size 16 breast forms under a satin camisole.  As I overtook a semi on the 2 lane highway.the driver apparently could see my lingerie through the windshield because he blew hit horn and waved as I went by.  I don't think he could see my face because I had the visor down, so I think he thought I was a woman.



    Satinamour – I had the same thought about the truckers who blew their horns at me.  From their angle they could only see the lower part of my body and I wondered if they knew I was a boy or whether they thought I was a girl.

    Any of you truckers out there – what do you think – would you be able to tell?



    I go out enfem. Dressed as a women make up the entire outfit. I like to wear short skirts to the sissy look. Yes, truck drivers like to blow their horn when they see something interesting. I think they see a lot of things. Try and find a CD gurl friend or a female friend and go out for lunch. I think you like people checking you out it gives you a thrill. Go for it gurl!




    No, I never wear anything feminine other than knickers, but I do wear them 24/7. I have been known, on a long drive, to undo my belt and trousers and open them up, and years ago even pull my trousers down to around my thighs. My shirt always hides anything, but I do like the looseness and the naughtiness!



    It’s been awhile since I’ve done this but I used to get in my car wearing nothing but a tshirt and panties and just take off. My car at the time was a Firebird with t-tops so truckers could well see what I was and wasn’t wearing. I got a couple of honking horns. I would usually drive to this remote, rural area where i knew no one would be. I’d walk around in my panties and I’d usually find a spot to just lay on the ground and masturbate then I’d leave.

    A couple of weeks ago, I did something pretty daring that ordinarily I wouldn’t do. I woke up very early one morning starving. The night before I had had quite a bit to drink and to be honest I think I was still pretty hammered but all I knew is that a steak biscuit from bojangles was the only thing that would quinch my hunger. I was wearing tshirt and panties (very pretty floral panties) and I just got in my wife’s SUV and off I went to get a biscuit. I went thru the driv-thru and I’m pretty sure the girl could tell what I was wearing ’cause I had just thrown my wallet in the car since I wasn’t wearing pants and it had fell into the floor. When I bent over to get it she had to have saw my pretty floral panties. She didn’t say anything but the look on her face was priceless.





    I love these stories they are so hot! My experience with this is I usually change in or out of my panties while I am driving in my car either to or from shopping for lingerie and panties or to or from an encounter.



    I haven’t driven a truck since 1999, but when I did I’d drive in nothing but panties and shoes.  No shirt, just panties and shoes or maybe a one piece bathing suit.  You could drive out in the desert in Wyoming and pull over at a wide spot and just sit out there in the middle of the night stargazing.  Or find a secluded spot in the mountains and do your sissy thing in the pine trees.  Incredible how quiet it is and how many stars you can see.

    Used to see a guy regularly up on the Grapevine who would pull off of I-5 onto the old highway 99, climb on top of his trailer and sunbathe in a g-string or speedo.  Couldn’t tell if they were panties, but they were colorful enough to be.  Was also a sissy that used to prance around La Pine, Oregon.  He’d knock on your door and when you looked out you’d see him in full garb.  Kind of looked like Phyllis Diller (RIP), then he’d run away.  Had a nice, plump butt, looked good in high-cut briefs.  Everyone joked about it, and I think the locals knew who he was.

    Saw a dozen sets of tits in Southern California, dude eating out his old lady next to the freeway in Boise, pulled up skirts in the summertime, pantyhose, panties, in Nevada.  If it’s hot, the skirts come up.  One woman in WA State, would ride down the freeway with her dress pulled up showing her panties.  Then when you got on the radio to talk about it, she’d get on the radio too and laugh about how hot it was and how she had to drive like that.  Some dude in Medford used to cruise I-5 with gayporn on the passenger seat and his cock out and erect trying to pick up hitch-hikers.  Fingering the old lady while driving seemed to be popular too.

    But most of the time it was women prostitutes in truck stops and gay dudes in rest areas.  I’ll never forget the “Good Buddy Blowjob” CB advertisement guy in Fresno.  Or the guy that wanted “someone to bust a nut in my ass”, that was also on the Grapevine.

    Glory holes in Spokane.  Full contact, X-rated theaters in Phoenix.  Strippers in Portland (best strip clubs anywhere) – I caught some guy pissing on my trailer tires at a strip club in Portland and he ended up trying to sell me some gold chains at a discount to make up for it – lol.  Only time I saw crossdressers was in Stockton.  Three in a car cruising the lot, none particularly attractive.

    Lot of whacky shit out there – some good (gigantic bouncing tits in Castaic, or the Cameltoe/ panty line Hot Dog Vendors in Visalia and Oakland), and some bad (prostitute wiping the cum out of her crotch between two trailers in El Paso or the meth-addled prostitute beating the hell out a phone booth in West Sacramento).

    Can’t see that kind of shit in an office – Sorry for the long post.




    Frilly, That is an awesome story. You are correct that Portland has the best strip clubs. I would love to hear more of your road adventures



    Frilly i been trucking for 25 years i too have seen alot from east to west. But i have yet to see the cd out and about which i was more interested in being a pantie wearer and lover of cocks in nylon and satin,stocking,heels etc…. Well if anyone is offering a flash or show i’m located on the east coast. give a gurl a shout.



    @Chelsea – Yeah, Portland.  Used to go to the Rimrock on Columbia and a couple of other places I can’t remember on Columbia.

    I’d go anywhere there was truck parking.  I used to drop a hundred bucks a night in some of those places.  It helped that they served beer and the cops were cool.  Never any hassles as long as the truck stayed put; and it always did.  Full nudity, tipping, pussy inches from your face and beer?  Why would you want it to stop?

    @Erica – 25 years.  You got me beat, I only did it for ten.  Mostly a Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles triangle with alot of Vegas, Salt Lake and Phoenix thrown in (odd run to Texas or St. Louis every now and then).  Did about six months on a Ronkonkoma, Long Island to Seattle, SLC, Bay Area or L.A. in a 386 Pete COE with an old battleaxe woman – my back still hurts and I can still hear her nagging old mare.

    Gave it all up and went back to school after I got tired of the weather, running the mountains, chaining up a set up doubles, sometimes 3 times a day.  I’d stay on I-5 if I could and be  home every weekend and one pass through the house in the middle of the week.  I was an outlaw back then, did 23-hour L.A. / Spokane straight, or 25-hour Irvine/ Bellingham straight.  Always clean though, just coffee.  I was younger and just wanted to get the run over with so I could get dressed in dainties and relax with VHS tape or swing by the local strip joint or porn shop. Unlimited idling, any route I wanted.  Light loads, plastic and paper.

    One of the mechanics found my stash of panties in the sleeper once, but he didn’t connect the dots.  He said something like: “damn, you get all the women!”

    Ha, he never saw the butt plugs I rode with or the tranny mags.  Saftey director ended up calling me “Hollywood” because he thought I was such a big player.  Pthh, I wonder what he would have called me if he saw me plugged on all fours with my pantied ass pointed out the sleeper door – lol.

    Be careful out there Erica and don’t end up like that trucker on Cops (chasing some guy in make-up and a one-piece bathing suit).





    I like driving with my blue jeans undone and my panties showing rubbing my my hard dick as I drive slowly pass big trucks. What a rush.



    I always wear panties so when I drive anywhere over about ten miles and I know I won’t have to stop, I take my pants off. I like to take my pants off and just have on my panties or panties and tights. I do keep my shoes on so in a small car sometimes it difficult. Since it’s winter I’ve had on a jacket and stopped to get gas wearing panties and black tights. I like to drive in my tights and when it gets warmer will probably go back to just panties. I go through drive thru and toll booths with my panties and tights. Love the way the tights hug my body and feel so silky



    I enjoy stripping down to bra and panties for long drives. It helps one stay awake;-)

    On one long drive my wife announced it was hot and stopped down to her very sexy bra and panties. As we passed trucks I tended to slow down a little to give the a chance to see. Soon we were both stripped down and having some fun freeway foreplay. We ended up on a frontage road just out of the view of headlight have sex on the hood of the car. Observant drivers must have got a good show, but I am sure most people were just looking down the road in the tunnel of their headlights.

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