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    My marriage isn’t a great one and the only reason we’re still together is finances. I think we’re heading for divorce eventually and when that comes I’m not sure I want another relationship with a woman. I’m far attracted to women physically and I love feminity but I think I just wasn’t meant to be with one in a permanent, traditional way. Then again, I don’t want to lead the life of a man in panties looking for a cock to suck on craigslist every other night (believe me, i’ve been down that road too). I think I’d like to find another pantyboi to actually fall in love with. But that would be so difficult since most of us are in the closet and our panties are underneath our pants. Has this ever occurred to any of you or happened to any of you?



    I think I could be happy with another sissy like me.  But it’d have to be totally genuine.  To be able to give up some of this masculine pretense and just be a dainty, lacy loose hole with scrotum tracks up and down my face might just be the ticket.

    Someone as totally sissy as me would be ok.  I’m not even sure they’d have to be passable.  As long as they wore panties, skirts, dresses, slips and bras; that would be enough.



    I’ve like women also.But i think my life would’ve been a lot better with another pantie partner like me. I think the physical and emotional level would be so awesome.



    If you were my husband I would either divorce you or make you suck a strapon.



    nylononme, How has the craigslist thing worked for you? I have looked, never to hook up, just browsing. Seems like a lot of bullshit. Are they genuine? Have you ever met someone for a little quik man action. How did it go? Myself, Im happly married. The cock sucking and other male/male play is stricktly fantasie. I in my mind would like to be with another pantie wearing man to exchange sucking and ass play!


    Would not want to give up what I have with my wife just wish she was more willing to explore sex and desires. Hell she don’t even like oral. This is why I have to hide dressing up and only dream of other sexual play. Don’t want to loose her for a desire I had to try sucking a cock dressed up like a women.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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